Dear Blog,

Happy - ehrm - birthday!

...Or, belated...


I guess.

{Ahem.}  Anyway, I'm sure it was really great, and I'm sorry that I was a little late telling you.  But a whole year, huh?  That's a big accomplishment, there!  Congratulations!


...So.  I guess I will see a-yew, a-next, a-yea--well, that is, not exactly a year from now.  I'll see you on your actual birthday.  July 8th, is it?  Oh, twenty-eighth.  Well, I wasn't as late as I thought.  But in any case, I will be there next year, and you are gonna get a really. big. present, mister.  Mmkay?  Alright, buddy, happy birthday.  Don't get too crazy.  See ya next year.

Best wishes,
Tracy Thunderbolt

Image by freyLee.

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