Today I had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

Alright, it actually wasn't all that bad.  Considering I had food to eat and shoes to wear and all my limbs and stuff.  You know.  But aside from that, it pretty much SUCKED.

For instance:

I only did my hair half-way before leaving for class and didn't realize it until I was in the car with no bobby pins and a crease in my hair.  Quelle tragedy, no?


I forgot my cell phone at home, had a sore throat, slammed my head on my drafting table twice in a span of ten seconds while picking up my fallen eraser, spilled coffee on myself, and couldn't recognize the lady in the library who said hi to me as if we'd known each other since birth.  And then I told her I was going to the bathroom.  Was that un-lady-like of me to say?

After that, I went to the store to grab an energy drink*and as I walked out of the store, the wind picked up my eighteen dollars of change and whisked them away.  I cursed, even though an elderly lady was walking right in front of me, and scrambled all around, dodging cars to gather up all my moneys and my dignity.  I straightened up and tried to compose myself, but a lady honked her horn at me.

"I'M SORRY!" I shouted defensively and perhaps a little more loudly than necessary.

But she just pointed to my two dollars that were blowing away, like a nice human being.  Sheepishly, I retrieved them and gave her a quick wave.  The elderly lady in front of me laughed as she finished loading up her car, and I muttered something about being embarrassed, which just made her laugh more.


Anne of Green Gables** would call this a Jonah day.  I don't really know what that means.  The kind of day where you take a bath and end up in the belly of a whale?

*Please don't tell me how bad these are for me. I KNOW but I just can't help myself, especially on whale-belly days like this.
**I read this book when I was eight and from then on she was my main example in all matters of the heart, literature, and charm.  And I think it started my obsession with red hair.

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