Romance Comics

You want to know another reason why I'm nerdy?  I read comic books from time to time.

Me, reading Infinite Crisis.  Although in real life, I do have a neck.
And I like 'em!  (See how engaged I am here?  My face is only two inches from the page, approximately.)

Mr. H got me started reading them when we first began dating, but he only lent me Spider-Man and X-Men and other comics that involved lots of action.  He didn't even know about Romance Comics (which also contain lots of action, but of a different nature).  Even though they were written mostly by men, their gripping realism and raw emotion really make them stand out in a world of superheroes and busty women. 

And they aren't just for women!  Men can glean valuable information about females from these literary gems, like What Women Really Need to Feel Complete* and Who Knows Best** and also Which Group of Homo Sapiens is Superior.***  Not to mention the new understanding they'll gain about women's emotions.  

Basically, I'm trying to figure out why these aren't more popular and I'm drawing a blank.  Huh.

Romance Comics: Reminding me every day why I'm a feminist.

*Answer: A man.
**A man.
***Also, surprisingly, men.  Go figger.

[Side note: Jeph Loeb's Spider-Man: Blue is actually my favorite comic of all time, which Mr. H did lend me.  It's the tale of Peter Parker's tragic romance with Gwen Stacy, the Girl-Before-Mary-Jane.  The story is sweet and sad and the artwork is gorgeous.]

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