Guess who came to my school last night to give us all a little laugh and a half in these stressful times?

Maria Bamford's One-Hour Homemade Christmas Special! from Maria Bamford on Vimeo.


My friend showed me one of her videos three years ago.  I thought she was hi-larious, of course, but as I was walking back home from the show last night, I found out that her comedy is apparently an acquired taste.

"I didn't really understand what she was saying," I heard over and over, from various people.  "But like, that part when she was acting like the stereotypical female comedian?  That was hilarious, I-oh my god, I loved that."

If the only time you laugh at a comedy show is when the performer is acting like a stereotypical comedian, there's a good chance that you are a stereotype, yourself.

That's what I think, anyway.

Really, how could they miss such gems as this:

"Can't change people.  Can't change me.  Cause I'm a gypsy, y'know?  I'm a sea cow.  I know the motorboats are gonna hit me, but this is where I FUCKING SWIM!"

Wise words, Maria.  Wise words.

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