How Many Words to Fart?

This is RobinWords.  I was told about it while I was chattin' online today, after I finally learned that I can make different groups on Facebook chat so as to be selective in my conversations.  Brilliant!  This means I can have a group for People I Want to Talk to All the Time; Everyone Else; and That Guy From High School Who Keeps Asking Me Whether I've Buzzed My Hair and Dyed it Pink, Even Though I Was Clearly Joking When We Talked About It That One Time in That Class We Had Together.  Now that I don't have to talk to that weirdo ever again - unless maybe he corners me in the grocery store when I go home, perhaps in the deli but maybe in the frozen food section where I can't even look busy reading nutrition facts long enough for him to give up and pass me by, because that would mean I'd be wasting energy and all the ice cream sandwiches and fish sticks would melt because I held the door open too long, so instead I would be forced to talk to him ("Hi, Michael!  Long time no s--"  "When are you cutting your hair?"  "I'm fine, m'self, I just gradua--"  "Your hair is still long; I thought you were going to shave it and dye it pink.  That's what you said.") - I can comfortably use Facebook chat like a normal yoomin bean.*

Anyway, RobinWords is this really fun word game where you start with a four-letter word, and then you and the computer take turns switching one letter in the word to make a new word.  So coin would become loin, and loin could become loon, for example.  Here is the conversation that my friend and I had while we both played:

Me:  Oh, no.  I will never get work done again.  But I will know all the four-letter words in the world!
Friend:  I'm on an epic run here.  Fens, mews.  Oh, yeah.
Me:  Nice.  The computer just said "Fart" and I had to stop for a while to giggle.
Friend:  HAHA thanks, I just used fart.
Me:  Well done.
(Witty banter, stimulating conversation)
Friend:  186 words and I beat the computer!
Me:  Awesome!  The game just told me that "poos" is not a real four-letter word.  I beg to differ.
Friend:  Hahahaha.  "Poos" is the present active indicative of "poo."  (Right?  You're the English major.)
Me:  Sure.  Totally.

This is the reason we are friends.  He has also been reading Pride and Prejudice, and he knows how to cook.  His New Year's Resolution was to wear white socks less often.  (Can Tracy pick 'em, or can she?**)

After playing a couple times, I decided to rename the game How Many Words to Fart? which is not very catchy but fairly self-explanatory.  My record so far is 53 (I have only played three times, and I didn't count the first time it happened).  Play it yourself, and you can leave a comment with your results if you want to, and whoever can get to fart in the fewest words wins!  If you make it so the computer says it instead of you, you win double!!  

*Betcha never thought you'd get to the end of that sentence, didja?
**Name that movie and I will come to your place of residence and give you an in-person hug.  Which is a big deal for me, because I don't really like to touch people.

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