Since I decided a month ago to move from California to Pennsylvania, I've applied to almost fifty jobs.  Craiglist, Monster, Indeed, numbers scrawled on the bathroom walls in bus terminals...I'm getting desperate.  But as the weeks went on and I failed to receive a single response, I descended gracefully into despondency.

Not all swoons occur near fainting couches.

Well, I thought, it will be easier once I'm actually able to put a Pennsylvania address on my resume.  Everyone knows companies don't like to hire out of state.  And with that small comfort I trudged back home, weary from the dust and rejection of another day pounding the virtual pavements.

What.  So I like trudging.

Last night, however, I decided on a whim to change my cover letter just slightly.  Instead of listing my reason for relocating as a desire to be near family or loved ones or even my boyfriend, I lied and wrote, "I'm moving to Pennsylvania to be near my fiance."

Suddenly, this morning: three responses in my inbox and one voicemail!  I don't think that's a coincidence.

"WHAT A BITCH GOTTA DO TO GET A JOB THESE DAYS?!" I'd cried to the cold, unfeeling universe.

"Put a ring on it," the universe replied, not even looking up from her Emory board.

Speaking of which, I guess I'll have to find a ring for all these interviews coming up.

Too much?

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