Cabin Fever

This weekend I spent a lot of time with some really good friends, and we talked and laughed and generally had a grand old time.

One unexpected consequence of the weekend, however: I just want to run everywhere now, all the time.  I think it started because of the fake spring.*  On Friday, two friends and I drove down to West Virginia where we were meeting another friend to see a fourth friend in a play.  Because we picked up a pizza on the way, we were a little behind schedule, so we had to run across a large field from the parking lot in order to make it to the theater before they gave our tickets away.  And the wind was blowing and my friends were shouting and even though the pizza box almost flew away, the air was warm and I was running toward some of my favorite people and the most comforting weekend I've had in a long time.

That was a lot of and's in that one sentence.

Anyway, now, after that short little sprint across the grass, I just want to run everywhere I go. 

Like a wild stallion on the shore.

However, that's a little difficult (not to mention much more tiring) now that the snow is back and up to my knees.  So instead of running to classes and the student center and back home again,** I've taken to running in circles around the room whenever my roommate isn't here.  This does lead to some interesting questions, though, when she comes back in the room unexpectedly.   

Why're y'all red-faced and sweaty there, Trace?*** 

Sometimes I tell her I'm just SO EXCITED TO SEE HER; sometimes I say I've been hula-hooping.  Because that's less embarrassing than I'VE BEEN SPRINTING AROUND OUR 12-FOOT-SQUARE ROOM ALL AFTERNOON BECAUSE I'M GOING INSANE.  I JUST WANT TO RUN, YOU KNOW?

Whatever excuse I give, she, like a good roommate, just gives me a little half-smile and tells me I should take a shower before I see people.

*Yes, I am going to harp on about The Winter again.  My wimpy cynicism knows no bounds.
**Because let's be real.  These are the only places I go.  I lead a very small life.
***My roommate does not actually talk like this in reality.  Also she is a very nice lady.

Image via Murray Mitchell.

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