le sigh.

Today, I had a group presentation, leading discussion in an hour-and-a-half class.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate presentations?*  Every time I get up to give a presentation, I break out into panic mode: my palms get sweaty, my hands shake, my heart pounds right out of my t-shirt, and I blush the whole time I'm speaking - oh, excuse me - the whole time I'm stuttering foolishly.  People watch me and first they think, Oh my god, is she having a seizure?!  And then they think, Oh, honey.  That is so sad.

Somehow, though, when other people get all nervous during public presentations, it comes off as endearing.  Par exemple, the young gentleman who spoke right after me during our presentation (and who sits right next to me in class) was just as awkward and jittery as I was; yet as he spoke about cinema in the 1930s, I heard a chatty, blonde girl in the second row whisper to her friend, "He's so cute!"  And then she proceeded to give him a look like this:

I am almost entirely serious.
(From here)

I wanted to tell him, but I didn't think we were good enough friends for me to tip him off about old Bedroom Eyes in the second row.

Moral of the story: Sometimes being awkward gets you chicks.  Other times it gets you a stronger deodorant.

*I hate them a lot.**
**And by a lot, I mean SO MUCH I WANT TO DIE.

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