Even though it's the last day of classes and I'm going through my customary frantic-pre-break-scurry-to-finish-a-paper-which-I-left-until-the-last-possible-moment ritual, it still feels distinctly un-Spring Break-like.  Perhaps that's because we had another snow storm last night that left all the trees frosted.  Or maybe it's because I'll be staying here all break, finishing up my senior thesis.  Like that scene in A Christmas Carol when Scrooge watches all his friends having a grand old time, while he's hunched over his desk writing down numbers or counting gold or something.  Except my two weeks will feature much more booze than Scrooge's.

I am Jack's failing liver.

Speaking of alcohol, I am going on a "Spring"* Break road trip (woo)!  This afternoon I am driving on over to Pennsylvania with a friend to spend the weekend with another good friend, who says he is making us vodka-infused fruit salad (I'll let you know).  Then, on Monday, I come back and start the harrowing final revisions of my year-long project.  The fun just never stops.

So I just wanted to take a break from my week-long marathon of work to stop in and say a quick hi.  I may post more interesting things when I get back and start actually going a little loopy from the stress. 

Also, regarding all three hundred or so people who found my blog after searching for that Mardi Gras picture I put up, HELLO TO YOU.  Looks like I finally found the secret to attracting readers: post a whole lot of photos of half-naked women.  So, in the spirit of Spring Break, here ya go, interwebs:

Awww yeah.  Work it, ladies.
Via Boys, Toys, and Noise.

You are welcome.

*I'm so bitter about the snow.  But apparently I'd be going home to a tsunami in California if I didn't stay in the Ohio snow, so I guess you have to take what you can get, right?

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