This post is about hair.

Yesterday, A Cup of Jo featured a hair tutorial for a cute, three-bun hairstyle that is supposed to look like this:

(Photo by Jamie Beck, via Cup of Jo)

This is what it looks like on a not-as-gorgeous person with less-than-well-behaved hair after several hours:

My neck is not actually that freaky in real life.  It's just that it was difficult to crane my arm around to take a picture from that angle, and it sort of gave me Alert Gazelle Neck, that's all.

These few hours consisted of sitting, walking across campus, sitting some more, walking back home, starting to change clothes, underwear dancing because my roommate is gone for the weekend, finishing changing clothes, buying a Twix from the vending machine downstairs, eating said Twix,  doing laundry, and sitting some more. So if your schedule looks like that and your hair is also thick, frizzy, and grown out just to your shoulder blades after your most recent self-administered haircut mishap...then by the end of the day, this is how the hairstyle will look on you!

Maybe I will keep all the bobby pins just where they are, and tomorrow I can post some really authentic pictures of how this hairstyle looks after taking a shower, wrapping my hair in a towel turban, and wriggling around like a fussy infant as I sleep.  It'll be like an exposé!* 

*I need to find a hobby!

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