Writer's Lament: Part the Last

Well, I realize that by now this is sort of anti-climactic, but I turned in my senior thesis on Monday.  In fact, I actually finished the thing last Thursday.  After seven months of sleepless nights and ripping up drafts in frustration, you'd think I would have been a little more excited about being rid of it.

"The End."  Now, shall I orders carrots or peas with the braised lamb tonight?

So now it's been a whole week since I finished it, and some of the excitement has worn off a little bit.  Other seniors have turned theirs in, as well, but many won't be turning their projects in until next Monday, right before the I.S. parade.  Until then, I am on campus during Spring Break with little to do for the rest of the week.  Naturally, I have amused myself by lounging about the room in my slippers and silk robe, fanning myself delicately and EATING EVERYTHING.  I am going to run out of food soon, and then my friend will regret asking me to pet-sit her frogs over the break.  Ha.  Ha, ha-ha.  Ahem.

In an effort to curb my boredom and appetite, I gave the bathroom a thorough cleaning today.  Everything was going swimmingly until I realized there was a spider behind the trash can - after it had already crawled onto my hand.  I made a noise like "Yaiheeewaamblegiheh" before scampering out of the bathroom and generally behaving as if I had just escaped the grips of a hungry lion.  I still don't know where it is.  Of course, this uncertainty led me to leave the cleaning stuff in the toilet way longer than the ten minutes the bottle suggested I wait before flushing again.

So that's a lot of fumes there, I guess.  On the plus side, that should make things a little more exciting around here.

Image via Nina Pierce.

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