Tragedy. And More Pictures than are Strictly Necessary.

Sometimes I think that perhaps the dreary nature of this blog is the reason why no readers hang around to find out what Tracy's gon' write next.  This is no cheery, upbeat source of delightful links and squeal-worthy pictures.*  If the blogosphere were a playground, the drudgery bin would be the loner who makes fun of everyone else just to mask how much it craves acceptance.  However, I now find that there is another - a new kid who seems to understand and appreciate my perverse desire to mock everything I encounter.

Things Could Be Worse gives us insight into the great, universal tragedies of life, reminding us that our existence is not all made up of dreamy inspiration boards and lovely autumn afternoons.  What good will that post on the season's seventeen best striped dresses do you, should you find yourself in a situation like this?

You think politics are messed up now?  Count your blessings, sir or madam.

And no matter the state of your love life, could it ever compare to the pain and anguish of this gruesome dilemma?!

These are quite unfortunate situations, as well:

This is my nightmare.

Again, I say we should all count ourselves lucky.  Good day to you.

*Then again, I don't mind saying that anyone who has ever actually squealed when looking at a picture - I don't care how cute it was - does not belong here.

All images by Benjamin Dewey, a gentleman and a scholar. 

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