St. Lucia's Day

For three hours last night,  I was mixing and sculpting saffron buns.  I killed the yeast, I burnt the bottoms, and the insides may be slightly gooey (because I do not understand our oven), but we will HAVE SAFFRON BUNS TODAY.  Sounds like I've become an Indian fitness guru over the weekend, but I really just want to branch out and provide the kindergarteners with a multi-cultural holiday experience, which they can totally appreciate at five years old (even though I asked on Friday and not one of them celebrates any holidays except Christmas.  BECAUSE THIS IS AMURRICA, DAMMIT).

Check out these buns.
(These are, clearly, not the ones I baked.)

So Monday we cut out snowflakes and learned penguin and polar bear facts, today we are finishing up Kirsten's Surprise and learning about St. Lucia's Day while gobbling the aforementioned saffron buns,* and then later in the week we're doing the typical Kwanzaa-Hanukkah-Christmas trifecta of CHEER.

Saffron was the fourth gift for Baby Jesus.  

True story.  Some hipster was like, "You probably haven't heard of it, but there are only three saffron threads on every purple crocus.  It took me like, five years to grow this much saffron."  But by the time he reached Bethlehem, it became clear that everyone already had heard of it.  We find him later off-screen, nursing a PBR behind the manger.

*And leaving crumbs EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, those kids could be drinking milk from a sippy cup and somehow I'd find crumbs left over.**
**Ah, another vaguely maternal anecdote.  It's like I'm compensating for something.

Images via My Little Norway, me.

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