This isn't really a Christmas post.

I bought it.  Not because I'm getting married anytime soon, but because I believe in helpin' a sista out, and because I am not taking any chances with this karma shit.  Also, presale is 40% off!

But still, the book is really only #96 on the Amazon Bestseller List as of 11:09 Pacific time? Disappointing.  Go away and don't come back until you've bought a copy.  I'm serious.  Even if you only tottered across my blog by accident while scouring the interwebs for "bad fingernail pics," which makes up approximately ninety percent of you.  This book is gonna be the shit, which you can trust because I am an English major who hasn't read the book; so naturally, my literary opinion is unquestionable.  Would you like an off-the-cuff analysis of themes and motifs?  Shall I hastily summarize the societal implications of the diction and pronoun usage?  Clearly, I know what I'm talking about when I say that this book will change your life.

So go buy it, already.

Image via Amazon.

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