Under the Mistletoe

Cootie threat successfully averted.

As I snuggle up next to my suga', high above the chilly streets of San Francisco, I find myself falling victim to the saccharine sweetness of yuletide romance--and I'm not the only one.  Surely this must be the most romantic time of the year, when people are filled with goodwill, the thermometer tells us to cuddle closer to keep cozy, and sweethearts are attached at the hand and the lip.  Gazes gooey as warm caramel soften across a table in the glow of candlelight, and somehow even walking down the street holding hands becomes an impromptu date around Christmas.  Maybe it's the storefronts dressed up in their ribbons and glitter as if for a fancy night out.  Snow falling on two lovers as they kiss under a streetlamp or skate hand in hand creates a picturesque scene of seasonal sentimentality.

Pretty sickening all around.

Interesting then, isn't it, that we kiss each other under a poisonous, parasitic plant.

Image via flickriver.

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