Day of the Dead

"Dem Bones" never sounded so svelte.

Next year, I want to have a Day of the Dead party to celebrate the season of somberness.  Everyone can dress up like a famous dead person (no being cheeky and coming as the Grim Reaper), we set out a funeral spread on black linens and play games like Dead Man's Bluff, and people sing karaoke featuring songs only by dead artists.  Bonus points if the dead person's song is also about dying.

On another note, I probably won't be posting here as frequently this month, because I've decided to participate in NaNoWriMo.  Sort of.  I figured, Why not?  I'm a masochistic insomniac - this sounds perfect for me!  Really, it's just the fact that my ego feels threatened by the idea that anybody can write a novel these days.  QUANTITY OVER QUALITY IS HOW THE TWILIGHT SERIES SWELLED TO A GLUTTONOUS FOUR BOOKS - DOESN'T ANYBODY SEE THAT?! I shout down from my high horse.  They should include a clause stating that just because everyone can write a novel, it doesn't mean that everyone should.

Whew.  All that snobbishness has been building up for weeks,
and it is
such a relief to let it all out.

In any case, since I feel so strongly about the issue, it must simply be a coincidence that I am writing a fifty thousand-word novel during the month of November, as I staunchly refuse to actually sign up for the thing.  I have standards, you see.  But in a desperate effort to save my sinuses as they are attacked on all fronts by children's germs, dry air, and little sleep, I am going to be cutting back posting on here.  I know, I know; try not to weep too loudly into your pillow at night.

However, to make up for my neglect, I'll come back and post my entire novel attempt right here on the drudgery bin, so we can all laugh and make fun of it together.  It will be like a weekly serial of hilarious badness!  Huzzah!!

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