War on Whimsy: The Case for Drudgery

Some of you may be asking yourselves, Just why does Tracy hate whimsy so much?  Can't she just let everyone else be while she sits marinating in a putrid puddle of drudgery?  Well, I would like to answer those questions with a question of my own.  

Should I buy these winter boots, or would my feet look too much like a late-70s basketball player's head?

Only Crocs.

As this atrocity of modern footwear suggests, drudgery is the real essence of life.  Whereas whimsy demands a great deal of faith, imagination, and effort just to craft the fragile illusion that life is wonderful and dreamy, sitting back and recognizing the true ugly, tedious nature of the world allows us to transcend the dull work of daily living and laugh at the absurdity and seriousness of everything around us.  Or, we could just stare in barely concealed disbelief at things like bookstore clerk want ads in which "a strong familiarity with the alphabet is essential."


I was going to include more pictures and examples, but...I really do need some winter boots (like theeese, perhaps?), and I think I've made a pretty good case for drudgery.  War over.

Welp...see ya tomorrow.

Images via Rakuten, Tumblr.

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