In the Shadows

I haven't read it yet.  But when I get some free time, I will.  And I'm sure I will love it.  But despite all the rave reviews, what's still bothering me, for no real apparent reason, is the one description I heard somewhere 'round the interwebs of Kaling as "Tina Fey's cool younger sister."  Maybe it's because I am a younger sister...and an older sister...or maybe it's because I imagine it must be a little frustrating to be stuck in the shadow of a "big sister" figure like that.  Of course, it's not a bad compliment--who wouldn't be stoked and honored to be compared to Tina Fey?  But at the same time...wouldn't you want to be associated just with...yourself?

And in other news...ellipses!  They're back!  Also, exclamation points!!

Image via hearty magazine.

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