O hai. So Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, and all that.*  I swear that I will never write anything sappy on the interwebs about the changing seasons or resolutions or the end of an era.  I don't even think I could do it, anyway, without mocking myself to the point of tears.

Recently, though, I did make some decisions about how to change one aspect of my life from being super crappy to only sort of unfortunate.  So maybe I will write about that sometime.

It was my twenty-first birthday a couple days ago, and my younger sister's two days before that. (Although I guess we are not Capricorns anymore? Or maybe we are? Who really cares.**)  She turned eleven, and look at what we made her:

I almost busted a cap trying to get the envelope to work with the printer.  I am not very crafty.

If anybody told me that an owl left this*** on our porch for me when I turned eleven, I would have cried a lot more as a kid.  First because I would be so happy, and then after that because on September 1st I would find out it was a fake. 

You know, I kind of hope, in a strange way, that 2011 continues to be something of a letdown.  I can just get all the crappy stuff out of the way this year, so that 2012 can be KILLER.


*There were so many caps in that sentence I almost had a conniption.
**I think I do.  Secretly.
***In case you've never read Harry Potter, it's an acceptance letter to Hogwarts, the school HJP goes to. Now GET OFF MY BLOG.

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