Things I Will Never Do

Line my kitchen drawers with that sticky paper.  If the bottoms of my drawers are ever really that crappy, I will just get some new drawers, or put a new wooden bottom in it; I'm fairly handy, and that seems just as time-consuming and potentially frustrating as measuring, cutting, and placing paper to line my drawer with, especially since the liner will eventually grow just as cruddy as the drawer would, and I'm going to have to re-fit that paper -- except, inevitably, I won't have enough extra paper on the roll (or I won't be able to find what's left of the paper), so I will have to go out and buy new paper that won't match the rest of my drawers. As a result, my obsessive-compulsive tendencies will mandate that I change all the drawers' liners so that they all match.  Nothing else will do, I say; nothing else will do!

And really, who has so little in their drawers that they can actually see a drawer liner, anyway?  If I have any empty drawers in my home, I will simply fill them with crayons.  Or maybe donuts.

The only exception would be if the drawer liner had dinosaurs on it or something.  But still, it's totally not worth the effort.

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