Writer's Lament: Part 3

T-minus 55 days.  And all's well.

"T" meaning Monday, the 28th of March; the day my senior thesis is due; the day all the seniors* dress up and parade** through the school, proceeding afterward to revel in a crazed, school-wide bacchanalia that lasts all night and into the next morning.  Technically, it's bad luck for underclassmen to partake of the merriment, but that rarely stops anybody.  As a result, Tuesday morning classes have very low attendance the next day.  Then again, people tend to start drinking Monday morning, so those classes are pretty empty, too.

But from where I sit now, March 28th is still a long way off.  Right now, fifty-five days out, I can't stop sleeping.  It took all day just to work up the energy to shimmy down from the my lofted bed, pull on some jeans, pop open an energy drink, turn on my Pandora station, and add a few, measly sentences to the chapter I was supposed to send to my advisor yesterday.

Want to see a "writer" at work?  Check out the state of my glamorous workspace:

This is why I write. I could never make it as a photographer. Or a housekeeper, clearly.

Note the pile of books, the countdown that freaks out my senior friends whenever they come in, the notebook and mug stacked precariously on the strings of my dusty old uke, the hula hoop that sits stuffed, unused, in the corner now that I have no time to hula.  It's like anarchy in my bedroom, I say.

Now! I am off to keep typing tipping tapping away on Chapter 14 before my advisor hunts me down and tans my hide for writing too slowly, but stay tuned! Tomorrow begins the Fortnight of St. Valentine, and I have exciting things planned.  Juuuust for you.

Okay, enough creepiness. Happy Monday to you.

*Those not too drunk to walk.
**And by "parade" I mean stagger and stumble back and forth like a giant millipede.  I am going to ride through the parade on my friend G's shoulders and yell "EEEAGLE!" just like JD and Turk do in "Scrubs."  But I know I'm going to be a little scared when the time actually comes.  G. is very tall, and I am very small.
All together, now! EEEAGLE!!
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