New Shoes

I'm going swing dancing tonight, at a place called the Bohemian National Hall in Cleveland.  I've been swing dancing for about three years now, but I usually just dance in my ratty old Keds or in some tap shoes with the taps taken off.  I think it's time to shake it up and get some fancy shoes, like these from Forever 21:

Even if the soles aren't great for dancing, a little duct tape on the bottoms works perfectly to slick 'em right up.  AND THEN THEY WOULD BE SHINY ON THE BOTTOM, TOO.  Could anything be better than that.  The answer is no.

The only downside to having such flashy shoes is that everyone will notice if I mess up.  And if a light shines on them, I might blind my partner - and then who knows what calamity could befall us and the dance floor at large.

Still...I think those shoes are worth the risk.

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