putting the drudge in drudgery

Here I sit, so many things I should be doing, but instead I am mechanically refreshing Mr. H's Facebook page to see if anyone has commented on the fact that he "went from being 'in a relationship' to 'single'."  It's been an hour since he posted that, people! Isn't anyone going to console the man and tell him that I'm a big old jerk and that he's better off without me?!!

Vicarious consolation, that's what I want.

The worst break-ups are the ones where the other person is as nice as can be.*  No yelling, no blaming, no pleading. Even if they aren't expecting it and don't want it, they still show how much they care about you by being so damn considerate and concerned and understanding about the fact that it's what's best for you, when all you really want them to do is give you one long string of cuss words.  Or a punch in the nose.

Cary Grant doesn't mess around during break-ups.  Goes right for the face. 

(Via here.) 

*As if I am the break-up queen.  Ha! Thank goodness I'm not. Break-ups would be done very shoddily if I were in charge of them.

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