I'm leaving the eighty-degree-California-winter weather and flying back to the snowy Midwest today, where the temperature is currently 9 degrees.

And boy, are my arms tired!

A couple years ago, before I started flying back and forth to school four times a year and drove cross-country to move twice in two years, I romanticized travel.  The open road, the empty sky, the clouds like...exploded marshmallows, or something.  Now I just try to finagle it so that my layovers are in an airport with a Panda Express.

I've been hearing as much talk about these sites as I have about the Arizona shooting lately.  Even though they're kind of cutesy, I guess it's not a bad idea to think about what you want from a relationship and communicate it snarkily.  Even on a tumblr.

Image via Kate Starling.

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