Don't Stop!

My eyes lit up with joy when I saw this little gem swimming around Pinterest.*  First off, some of those pinners are a little overly motivational and obsessive about guilting themselves into losing weight...

                                                                           Source: adropintheocean.tumblr.com via Noella on Pinterest

...so there was that element of sad self-loathing, seeping into a pool of uncomfortableness for me to roll around in, like a pig in a mud puddle.  But then, once I got bored of comparing the number of GET-SKINNY-YOU-SLUT shame pictures versus wistful photographs of rich desserts, I started to think, What if I pasted that motto over other pictures?  There are so many possibilities:

"I don't stop when I'm tired, I stop when I'm done."  

Raunchy:  A lusty man sick of the "headache" excuse.
Punny:  Anthropomorphic race car during a pit stop.
Literal:  Sleep-talker.
Offensive:  Slave, prisoner, factory worker, housewife (and perhaps the fact that I listed all of those together).
Arrogant:  Energizer bunny addressing all the regular bunnies.
Political:  Euthanasia opponent.
Inspirational:  Balto carrying penicillin.
Petty:  Factory line workers gossiping about their narcoleptic coworker. 
Cannibalistic:  Sunday dinner, forced to turn himself on the spit.
Sad:  A rotund woman sitting alone at a table, lit only by an overhead lamp, diving into a large box of decadent chocolates. 

...And with that last one, I think we find the inspiration behind the original picture. 

*Whoever thought up that site is brilliant.  There is no end to the number of things I can make fun of.  On the other hand, sometimes I find pictures of nooks under the stairs or baby animals that have fallen on their backs and just can't right themselves.

Image via Pinterest.

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