Last Friday Night...

Girls - girls!  You'll catch your death of cold!

I take it you're singing that song under your breath right now, but if you're like me, it probably sounds more like, "da da dee dum, broke the law, something someth--menage a trois...."  And then your kindergarten students look up at you innocently, reminding you what a bad influence you are.

In real life, my Friday was a little less crazy, but I did have my first bite of bacon in five years at a fiesta where I knew next to no one.  I like to think it helped calm m'nerves before just charming the pants right off so many new people.  The rest of the bacon was later put into taco meat with jalapenos and onions, and with that, all of my dreams came true.  I was so heady with delight, in fact, that I over-excitedly asked the boy who drove me home (whom I had just met) if he would be my best friend (several times) after I found out that he had watched "Firefly" (it's a good show, jeez).*

Then again, it could have been that I was just all giddy still from my proposal earlier that day.  It was my second, after all (though the first is a story for another day), and everyone knows that a girl's second proposal is the most important.  The first is too much of a shock, and anything after three is just becoming a habit.  In any case, this one happened at lunch time.  I was standing by the benches on the blacktop, minding my own business, yelling at a girl for the fifth time not to swing so high or I would make her get off, when he walked up to me and asked if I knew what he was going to do when he grew up.  Naturally, I told him no and asked exactly what he was going to do - why, I never dreamed that his answer would be "marry you"!  Did you ever?

That's her biggest problem?  Shit. 

Although I really should have seen it coming, I suppose.  He's told me he likes my hair every day since the first day of school.

(I feel like I talk about my students too much.  Do I talk about them too much?  Should I stop?  If it's not funny, I'll stop.  I don't want to be tedious.  That would be the worst thing I could think of.  But, I mean, if it's making you laugh, or even just chuckle, or if you're letting out a quick guffaw and then closing the page, or if you're snorting into your cereal [or is that...yogurt? Yoplait? Or Greek?], then I'll continue.  I have lots of stories about the kids.  I mean, tons.  Like, one dressed up as a dinosaur for the Halloween party we had this weekend, and after he said hi to me he turned to walk away and his tail waggled. Ha!  Ha, ha!  It was the cutest thing!  Ah, I've got a million.  Just wait till I get pregnant and have kids of my own to talk about!  Won't that just be divine?!!)

But now it's Monday.  And I am not at all sure that I have enough snark to get me through a Monday after only one day of weekend, due to our Halloween Party/Harvest Festival on Saturday.  Thus, this picture:

Ha-HA!  Can't remove your spectacles with no thumbs, can you?!

*At least, I think that happened.  It was very late, and sometimes I think hard about doing something but don't actually do it, yet my mind still believes that I did.  I live in a very confusing world.

Images by hellopennylane; Old Print; Life Magazine.

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